Sanctified Hope X Lucky Chuck

 Lucky Chuck Socks is excited to partner with Sanctified Hope Home for Women, a Christ-centered transitional home for women who have recently been released from prison.

Who is sanctified hope?

The partnership began when Lucky Chuck owner and founder, Weatherford-based businesswoman Lorinda Van Newkirk, was introduced to the women of Sanctified Hope through a friend. The home’s mission was close to her heart — Van Newkirk has a family member who was formerly incarcerated, and she has seen firsthand the struggles people can face after being released from prison. 

“So much of what those women talked about made a huge connection with me, because my family member could have been in this situation. What they all battle with really resonated,” Van Newkirk said. “I knew I wanted to be involved.”

Van Newkirk completed Sanctified Hope’s mentorship certification program but felt she could have a greater impact through the reach of her business.

“Being a mentor wasn’t where I could have the biggest benefit. That’s not where I shine, and at the end of the day, what the program needs most is money, so that’s how I came up with the sock idea,” Van Newkirk shared.

The Choose Hope Socks line was thus born, featuring Sanctified Hope’s defining dove logo paired with sweet floral accents on a fun, hot pink knee-high sock. Choose Hope Socks feature all the same high-comfort qualities and soft blend of hemp biowaste, organic cotton and recycled cotton that make Lucky Chuck Socks the cleanest and most durable socks on the planet, but now even better through their support for the women of Sanctified Hope.