Brand Ambassador Program

Brand Ambassador

Creator Program

Looking to be a part of the Lucky Chuck Crew? Now you can with our Ambassador/Creator Program!

We work with influencers of all sizes. From 1,000 followers, to 100,000+

With our influencer program, we will send you a box of Lucky Chuck Goodies and will have you (The Creator) create some User Generated Content (pictures, videos, etc.) for us. 

How to become a Brand Ambassador or creator for Lucky Chuck™

  1. Send us your full name, email address and social media accounts for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, your blog, etc. Be sure your accounts are set to public!  
  2. Lastly, send your completed application to: with the subject line: Lucky Chuck™ Ambassador/Creator- Full Name 

Upon receiving your products for FREE, we'll have you provide us with several images and videos (creatives) of you wearing our products. 

  • 1 Picture of Each Item In A Lifestyle Photo
  • 1 TikToc video of each item 
  • 1 Picture of Each Item In A Product Placement Type Image
  • 1 Unboxing Video Of Your Items
  • 1 Product Review Video or Showcase Real Video
  • 3 Instagram Boomerangs (take these via Instagram Boomerang, save to phone and send to us)
  • What is required from me?