Brand Ambassador Program

Brand Ambassador Program

How to become a Brand Ambassador for Lucky Chuck™

  1. Full name, email address and social media accounts for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, your blog, etc. Be sure your accounts are set to public!
  2. Are you still in school or working?
  3. Please write a short essay telling us why you would make a great brand ambassador for us, and cover each of the following points:
    • What qualities do you believe make you an excellent candidate for the Lucky Chuck™ Ambassador Program?
    • What ideas do you have for promoting Lucky Chuck™?
    • Tell us about your passions, what motivates and inspires you!
    • Who is your favorite celebrity or blogger style icon and why?
    • What else would you like us to know about you?

Lastly, send your completed application to: with the subject line: Lucky Chuck™ Application - Full Name

High Points of being a Brand Ambassador for Lucky Chuck™

The Lucky Chuck™  brand ambassador enjoys the following:

  • Get an exclusive discounts on all Lucky Chuck™ goodies.
  • Receive 10%-15% off all orders for you and your followers
  • 15%-25% Commission on Sales (Payouts are made via Paypal)
  • We frequently feature our brand ambassadors on the Lucky Chuck™ Instagram and Facebook pages.